Special marriage


A marriage between parties of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Hindu-Muslim, Hindu-Christian, Muslim-Christian, Indian- Foreigner, Foreigner- Fireigner can be a solemnized under Special Marriage Act, in India before a Marriage Registrar in Tamilnadu, India or a Marriage Officer in a foreign country.


At least one of the parties should be an Indian national. The bride groom must be 21 years of age; the bride must be 18 years of age. Neither party has a spouse living, Neither party is an idiot or a lunatic, The parties are not within the degrees of prohibited relationship Each party involved should not have any other subsisting valid marriage. Any one must have local address proof for Jurisdiction


Application form duly signed by both the parties. Documentary evidence of date of birth of parties. Copy of Passport of both the parties with valid Visa. Residential Proof of both the parties. Documentary evidence regarding stay at district in India of one of the parties for more than 30 days (Proof of stay or report from the concerned SHO). N.O.C. or Marital Status certificate from the concerned embassy or Consulate in India by a foreigner partner. Death certificate or divorce decree whichever is applicable, in case one of the parties had any marriages in the past.

PROCEDURE FOR SPECIAL REGISTRATION: The parties to the marriage shall give notice in writing in the form specified, to the Marriage Officer of the district in which at least one of the parties to the marriage has resided for a period of not less than 30 days immediately preceding the date on which such notice is given, and the notice shall state that the party has so resided. All the documents are verified at the Office of Marriage Registrar. The law of other nation shall not be in conflict with Indian laws. The notice is then published inviting objection to the marriage, if any.

If no objection is made, then, on the expiry of the notice publishing period, the marriage may be solemnized. The marriage shall be solemnized in the presence of at least three witnesses. Further the Marriage Certificate is entered and is granted by the Marriage Registrar.

Also there is a possibility to complete the special marriage registration on same day in under Tamilnadu marriage Act

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