Difference between Hindu marriage & Tamilnadu marriage Act certificate

2 years 3 days ago #1125 by prakash
My brother got marriage in the year 2005 and he recently registered his marriage under Hindu marriage Act in Chennai. He got certificate in six pages like booklet . Even there is no photos affixed in Hindu marriage certificate.

But his visa consultant asking marriage certificate in single page with photo. Also he showed one sample marriage certificate in single page. I verified that sample it was mentioned that Tamilnadu marriage Act 2009.

Please help me how to get marriage certificate in single page with photo in Chennai. Is this possible to get Tamilnadu marriage Act 2009 for my brother with same date if marriage.

What is the Difference between Hindu marriage and Tamilnadu marriage Act certificate issued in Tamilnadu ?

Why there is no photo pasted in Hindu marriage Act certificate in Tamilnadu ?

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2 years 2 days ago #1133 by shubham_associate
Both Hindu and Tamilnadu marriage certificates are equal in validity . But the Tamilnadu marriage Act enacted in the year 2009 only. So the marriages solemnized after 2009 only can registered under this Act. Your brother marriage have been happened in the year 2009 and you cannot register your marriage under Tamilnadu marriage Act 2009.

Normally Hindu marriage certificate will not carry husband and wife photos but it is legally valid for all legal process including visa.

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