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Replied by court marriage lawyer on topic Register marriage procedure in chennai
Many people not understanding the meaning of court marriage and customary marriage :
Register Marriage :
Register marriage without any customary ceremony is called register marriage

Customary marriage :
Customary marriage will be solemnized by priest and there will be a lengthy formalities and customs will be followed to perform the marriage.

Normally in case of love marriage the couples always will opt for same day register/Court marriage and they will not come forwarded to do customary marriage. because they will do the register marriage for safety purpose and they wish to do customary marriage in future with consent of future.

But in Tamilnadu only the customary marriages can be registered in one day process and if you prefer to do the direct register marriage, it will take minimum one months to complete the process.
Same time there is an option existing for complete the register court marriage in Tamilnadu in one day process without customary marriage.
Normally the customary marriage means the marriage will be performed your marriage and you will tie the thali .
If you exchange the garlanding , ring or taking oath in front of friends, the conditions for marriage will be satisfied and based on this you can complete register marriage on same day.
Chennai is always comfortable and safe zone for love marriage couples and they can get married legally in Chennai in simple process and procedures.

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