How to marry Muslim girl in Chennai

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How to marry Muslim girl in Chennai

One of my friend belongs to Hindu religion and he is an native of tiruppur and living in Nungambakkam for the long time. His girlfriend belongs to Muslim religion and her native is Namakkal. Both are working in Chennai Mahinda city and they are in good love relationship for the past 5 years. They made several attempt to convince the parents because they wish to marry with consent of both parents. He is ready to convert to Islam, the girl parents are very adamant and they are against to do marriage.

He is very much confused about Muslim girl in Tamilnadu. They approached sub registrar Nungambakkam in this regard. He said that Hindu Muslim marriage registration in Tamilnadu will take thirty days and we will send notice to sub registrar office in Namakkal. The Sub registrar Namakkal will affix the same in notice board for not less than 30 days . further he said that after thirty days, if there is no objection from parents, Sub registrar Namakkal will issue NOC in writing. He told that on receipt of NOC they will register the marriage after 30 days from date of notice.

This is not at all possible, if they send notice, the girl parents definitely will object and they will not allow the girl to go out. So please guide me on the following issues :
1. What is the exact procedure to do Hindu Muslim marriage registration in Chennai ?
2. What are the documents needs to do Hindu Muslim marriage registration in Chennai ?
3. How long will take to do Hindu Muslim marriage registration in Chennai and is there any possibility to complete the registration in one day ?
4. Unser which Act we can do marriage registration ?
5. We can do Hindu Muslim marriage registration without any ceremony ?
6. Name change is compulsory if he wish to convert in to Muslim ?
7. What is the benefits available from Government for Hindu Muslim marriage couples ?
8. Any separate certificate should we get for Hindu Muslim marriage?
9. What is the cost for Hindu Muslim marriage ?

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